Concrete Worktops

All your concrete worktops are bespoke and made to order to fit perfectly into your kitchen.

We offer concrete in over 30 colours, 4 polishing options and 2 concrete finish to create a wealth of possibilites.

We offer full template, installation and delivery service across the whole UK.



Concrete Dining Tables / Coffee Tables

Concrete dining tables are an extremely fashionable and modern solution to give your dining room a unique look. Available in a range of designs, sizes and colours, they are suitable for rooms finished in virtually any style.

Coffee tables are currently one of our most popular products. The small size means the table doesn't overpower the rest of your living room in terms of design, while enhancing the modern feel of your home.

Concrete Sinks

We offer a wide range of sinks that coordinate perfectly with our other products, as well as look elegant on their own. Available in many shapes and sizes.

Concrete Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Our fire pits and fireplaces are suitable for use inside the house as well as outside in the garden or on the terrace. In our opinion, this is the best design element you can use in your home - a "wow" effect is guaranteed!

Concrete Bar Tops & Reception Desks

Extremely modern, elegant and stylish solutions offered for commercial clients.

Concrete Bar Tables

The bar tables we offer are the perfect solution for your garden or lounge. Indispensable if you spend a lot of time with friends at a barbecue, it also allows you to arrange the interior of your living room in an interesting way.

Concrete Garden Worktops / Outdoor BBQ

We offer custom-made bespoke outdoor garden and BBQ worktops. A modern design and a conveniently laid out area guarantee the success of any event in your garden!

Tabletop firepits

Small stylish firepits that you can place on your living room table, coffee table or anywhere you like.

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