Wall Panels

Concrete gains increasing popularity among designers and investors. We love good design, so we could not pass by the nascent trend. After 10 years of manufacturing concrete worktops and other concrete projects we decided to start using concrete to make things not only functional but also beautiful.


The raw concrete material plays a key role in both: in structure and in design. Recently, the concrete has gained a new function has ceased to be not only an ordinary building material, which must be immediately covered by paint or wallpaper. Concrete has become fashionable! Finally,introduces individuality and style in the interior of the building gives a unique character. The beauty of concrete allows you to create things authentic and unique – Makes you feel very comfortable at your home.


We produce elements of the two types of concrete. The first, used mainly for the production casing slabs which resemble a concrete surface that you can meet on construction sites - have distinctive marks, blisters, discoloration. The second is smooth concrete surface without pores allowing you to create objects such as kitchen countertops, panels or tiles for the kitchen and bathroom.
DesignerStone make concrete suitable for indoor and outdoor use, either as an accent or in a dominant element. The second mix concrete lining allows use in wet locations such as bathrooms and kitchens. All of our products are sealed prior to delivery to the customer and their are resistant to water and dirt. Plates are made of real concrete, we do not use mixes similar to concrete. Our panels are manufactured in a variety of formats with a thickness of 15mm. On request, the panels in different formats and colours, as well as personalized in other ways, for example: shape other than rectangular or cast into the surface company logo, design or lettering... 

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