Concrete material

Concrete material

The product that you are looking at is hand-crafted. It is composed of natural
materials such as : cement, sand, water, aggregate and steel and is handmade. The pores,
air bubbles, microcracks. slight bends, flecking, pitting, dappling, air bubbles,
discolouration and variations in colour and texture are inherent characteristics of
the material used and evidence of handicraft, which give this concrete product a
unique appearance and charm.

Shades of colour

You cannot achieve a perfectly controlled result as you can with plastic. For these reasons, this article cannot be returned or
exchanged. For instance, the shades of colour can vary due to the inherent nature of the
materials used. Factors such as the weather and humidity on the day the concrete
product is being cast can affect the colour of the concrete.

Vertical casting

The sides of concrete products may vary from the top surface of the products. Vertical casting makes natural and irreplaceable patterns, it can also contain
discolouration. The colour variations on the sides can differ depending on the colour of the product.

 Darker colours can have grey discolouration in lighter shades whereas lighter colours can have discolouration which is the colour of the aggregates added to the mix such as sand.This is a natural process which gives concrete its special  character and makes the product unique and the only one in the world with its’ pattern.

3 lines of concrete - classic, stained and rustic

Classic and elegant high-quality polished concrete comes in a full range of colours and polishing.
Stained concrete is a modern combination of two concrete colours to create unique patterns on the surface.

We are unable to control the mixing process. It is a natural process that gives concrete a unique pattern, and the stained concrete product
becomes the only one with such a pattern in the world.
The rustic concrete, a stylish and industrial look is one of the most desired finishes on the market.

Cleaning & Care Concrete material

The surface of your product has been sealed to protect it from liquids and particles of dirt. DesignerStone Ltd recommends cleaning surfaces carefully with soft equipment (such as a sponge or towel) without any harsh elements. Avoid spilling any acidic substances or using any strong chemical cleaning products on the surface. If you accidentally spill such substance, wipe it out immediately with a damp cloth (allowing it to dry). Our products should be cleaned with warm soapy water using bleach-free or special cleaning products, as well. Scrubbing with abrasive powders or pads is not recommended as this may damage the surface and sealer coating.

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